Delivery & Returns


Your order will be shipped by a premier UK Courier direct to your home.

Your fish will be in a styrofoam box, packed in ice. The ice is in sealed bags around the fish. The box is sealed and wrapped for the courier to deliver. Your order will be sent the same day as long as the order is received before 2pm. It will normally be delivered to you the next working day, subject, of course, to where you live in the UK! Your order confirmation will contain the details of when you can expect the delivery.

We can deliver on Saturdays but the costs from the delivery company are higher. Please check the Delivery option when you are checking out after you placed your order!

If you have any questions at all regarding the delivery of your order, please call us on 01273-517272, or use the "Contact Us" page.


The Sale of Goods Act doesn't allow the return of preishable goods and therefore it is not possible to return your order to us.

However, as a valued customer we will do everything we can to sort out any problem you may have once your order arrives. If you have any issues with your order you should do the following:

  1. Please email Customer Service with the following information:
  2. Order Number for the item
  3. Date of Arrival
  4. Condition of the item
  5. Detailed explanation of the isse
  6. Attach any photos you have taken

We will deal with your email as soon as it arrives to ensure that any problem or issue is dealt with immediately.

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